Women & Parent’s Support and Counseling

therapyShira Kfir is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who’s great passion is working with women and couples on their journey to becoming parents and in the transition into being a family.

She received her Master’s in social work at NYU and got licensed as an LCSW 10 years ago. Shira Kfir has had a private practice in both Newport Beach and Irvine for the past 9 years.

As a therapist, Shira works alongside her clients as they prepare to start a family, throughout the challenges of pregnancy and postpartum, and during the transition into parenthood.

Early in her career, she developed an interest in helping mothers through this emotional and physical transition into motherhood.

While so much of parenthood is full of joy and excitement, there are also difficult periods of time when parents seek guidance and direction. I am here to provide that much-deserved assistance to help make this journey as smooth and joy-filled as possible.”  – Shira Kfir

Learn more about Shira Kfir and her services: http://shirakfirlcsw.com/

Schedule an appointment with Shira Kfir: (949) 943-0445