Skin, our largest organ, protects our bodies from the outside world. It is so much a part of us that we often forget how vital it is to keep it healthy and hydrated. Keeping your child’s skin moisturized is incredibly important to prevent discomfort, scarring, and even infection! Keep reading for pediatrician-approved methods to prepare and protect against dry skin in the winter!

Start Inside

The body stays hydrated from the inside out. So make sure your child is drinking enough fluids. While babies just need breast milk or formula, toddlers and kids need a significant amount of water to keep hydrated. Just how much? Think one 8-ounce cup of water for every year your child is old. For kids over the age of 8, 64 ounces is a good maximum. 

Staying hydrated starts indoors too. Bundle up your little one before going outside to keep warm and covered. When at home, try to keep the heater low, as it can dry out the air even more. Consider investing in a humidifier to keep the air how you like it— easy on the skin.

Short Showers

Keep baths and showers short to avoid overdrying. The longer and hotter bath time is, the more risk of dryness for your little one’s skin. Try to keep baths under 10 minutes if possible and use lukewarm water. Soap-free soap (yes it’s a thing), is a great alternative for winter skin care for kids. Try to use gentle cleansers labeled “sensitive” or “dry” and look for products with more natural ingredients. 

 Use Moisturizer

Washing hands a lot is very important during winter especially during the winter cold and flu seasons. Try to create a winter skin care routine for your kids where they use a lotion or moisturizer after each time they wash their hands. 

Look for moisturizers without fragrance or added chemicals but with oil and water. Apply after bath time too, even if the skin doesn’t look like it needs it.

Sun Protection

We all know about the importance of sun protection, especially for the sensitive skin of a child. But what about in winter, when we are bundled up? Contrary to what you might think, skin in the winter time actually needs additional care to combat dryness.

Make sure that sunscreen is a part of your skin care for kids year round. If you don’t have it on hand, keep sunglasses, hats, scarves, and jackets around to keep skin protected from the sun.

At Coastal Kids, the health of your child is our top priority. That means everything— head, shoulders, knees, toes, and even skin too! If dry skin in the winter is a persistent problem for your child, make an appointment with your Coastal Kids Pediatrician to talk about how to approach a kid-friendly winter skin care routine.