Now that your baby has finally entered the world, it is time to make sure the little angel is getting used to its new home outside of mama’s belly! Your first pediatric visits are very important to ensure that your newborn is safe, healthy, and to make sure everything is working how it should. But those early pediatric visits might also be a little intimidating. Taking your little infant out for the first time, to a busy doctor’s office can be quite an affair. Which is why we’re giving you everything you need to know before your child’s first pediatric visit. 

How Should I Prepare?

At only 24 – 48 hours after hospital discharge, it will be time for the first pediatric visit! Make sure to bring along all of your baby essentials such as formula or breast milk and a change of clothes. Bring along any necessary paperwork that you were given at the hospital so that your pediatrician is up to date with all of your baby’s personal information and can double check that your baby had all of the necessary treatments at the hospital. Feel free to bring with you any questions you may have regarding your new baby. At Coastal Kids, our passionate team of pediatricians are more than willing to answer any questions you have. So don’t be shy!

What Will Happen Once I’m There?

At your first well baby visit, your newborn will be examined to ensure that all health-related details are accounted for. Your baby will get a head-to-toe examination to check relevant areas such as the eyes and skin for rashes or any other irregularities such as jaundice. During this examination, the umbilical stump will be examined as well as the circumcision sites, if applicable. 

Your newborn will also be weighed at their first pediatrician visit. This seems like a simple and fun moment but it is actually very important! Newborns are expected to lose a small amount of weight after birth and it is vital that the baby begins to gain some weight back soon after. Your pediatrician will take note to make sure that your baby is growing as expected. 

Your newborn will also have movement and reflexes tested to make sure that the arms and legs are equally mobile and that the head can be lifted. They’ll also test their reaction to loud sounds and slight drops. 

At your first well baby visit, your pediatrician will ask you questions about your baby’s sleeping and eating habits since birth. Be sure to document these details before your visit so that you can provide as much information as necessary for your pediatrician. 

Coastal Kids Pediatrics has separate well and sick waiting rooms, so you can be sure that if your baby is just coming in for a checkup they will not be around any of the sick patients in the other waiting room. 

What Comes Next?

After you have attended your first visit, it is important to note that you will be seeing your pediatrician again soon! The first pediatrician visit is just one of many essential and informative visits that newborns need to stay healthy. Your pediatrician will discuss with you when you should bring your baby in again at your first appointment. This depends on numerous factors, including the size, appearance, and overall health of your newborn at the first visit. This could be anywhere between the following few days to the following few weeks from the first appointment depending on your baby’s needs. At two months, you can expect the first round of immunizations for your baby. 

Coastal Kids Pediatrics is looking forward to meeting you and your newborn! Our priority is to keep your baby healthy, happy and safe. So feel free to get started by calling any of our pediatric offices, and at your first appointment, we’ll set up your patient portal account that will allow you to schedule future well visits from the comfort of home. See you soon!