Living life to the fullest is about engaging the senses and taking in all the beauty the world has to offer! For your child, that means experiencing new flavors, listening to the birds singing, feeling the soft fur of an animal, or seeing a story unfold on the pages of their new favorite picture book. But what happens when their senses are hindered? Your child might seem to be able to read, watch videos, and perform other daily tasks, but it could also be that these activities place pressure on their eyes, mind, and even psyche. Yes, seeing clearly can strain your little one’s eyes, give them headaches, and their struggles in school can set back their confidence. Your child’s vision is a crucial part of being their best. So, keep reading for the information you need to find out whether it’s time to see a professional about your kid’s eyesight.

Seeking Solutions

If your child is practicing certain behaviors to try to see more clearly, it is time to check in with a vision specialist. This includes squinting, covering one eye, tilting their head, or holding objects close to their eyes to see them better. Squinting might suggest that your child is having a difficult time focusing their eyes. Tilting the head might suggest that the eyes are misaligned and that moving the angle of their vision can help them see more clearly. If your child moves to sit up close to the television, or has their nose literally in their book, this might indicate nearsightedness, meaning their vision is better up close than far away. Moving objects closer can help images and text appear clearer or larger. So, if you notice any of these behaviors, check in with your pediatrician about taking a closer look at your kid’s eyesight.

Dealing with Discomfort

Under difficult conditions, eyes can become stressed! If your child is experiencing discomfort related to their eyes or vision, it’s time to get them checked. This includes rubbing their eyes more than normal, new headaches, and even pain in their eyes. These symptoms can be signs that the eyes are strained or fatigued and need a rest. The eyes might benefit from the help from corrective lenses to relax and take the sights in easier. This can cut down on the pain, irritation, and itching that causes these behaviors in the first place!

Faults with Focus

In school, kids’ eyesight is really put to the test! They must quickly adjust their vision, adapting from looking up close and far away for long periods of time. This can strain struggling eyes and cause headaches or unexplained distractions. If your child is having trouble concentrating it is a sign that they might need their vision checked. In the meantime, check in with your child about what they think is causing their difficulties in the classroom. It is important to find the root cause of their difficulties because adequate vision might signal a different problem that could benefit from medical attention.

Getting Glasses

Many people might not know that glasses are worn for more reasons than just to see better! Glasses can serve to help improve and protect vision, strengthen vision for a weak or lazy eye, adjust misaligned or crossed eyes, and improve eye position. A simple eye test in your child’s pediatrician’s office can evaluate the status of their vision and indicate whether a visit to the optometrist is recommended for your little one.

 At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, we care about the health of your child from their nose to their toes, their height, to making sure their vision’s right! If you are concerned about your child’s eyesight, let your child’s pediatrician know. We can help answer any questions and perform an eye test at your child’s next wellness visit. The results can put you at ease or let you know if your child would benefit from a referral to a specialist in vision care for kids. We will be looking forward to seeing your child soon!