Fun Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Without a doubt, one of the most fun family holidays is Valentine’s Day. This day is the perfect chance to celebrate love, family, and friendship – establishing these as values now and forever to come. The downside? It’s another holiday all about sweets! And we want to set your child up for success with healthy habits – teaching them that holidays are about community and values, not unhealthy foods. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this holiday without sacrificing health. Keep reading for the most fun and healthy Valentine’s Day activities for kids!


Skip the processed sugar and start their day off with healthy treats! For breakfast try out a protein-packed flourless pancake recipe made with bananas. Top with strawberries cut into a heart shape and serve with a pink smoothie! This is such a cute and festive idea that will get kids excited about Valentine’s Day, without the sugar crash. 

We understand that the perfect Valentine’s Day activities for kids involve either hearts or chocolate. Luckily, they can have both and still keep it healthy! Make chocolate covered or yogurt covered strawberries together for family fun and bonding. Skip the sugar cookies and instead make melon hearts by cutting slices then use a heart-shaped cookie cutter. This is the perfect hack for a festive treat that you won’t feel guilty about. 


Of course, Valentine’s Day is about more than just food! It is about the bonding experience and celebration of love. One of the best ways to pass the time doing things together is crafts! Help your child create cards that they can give to friends or family to pass on the kindness that you teach them. Valentine letters can help to get your child used to spreading love and positivity. For something different, make a kids valentine box! Use an empty tissue box and craft paper to create a festive box for kids to keep their valentines in for years to come! They can look back on them throughout the year and be reminded of all of the love in their life!


The ideas for Valentine’s Day games for kids are endless! One fun activity is to have a “honey roast!” Pass along the positivity by taking someone in the family and putting them in the hot seat – but instead, compliment them! Take turns with everyone in the family so you all have a chance to share what you love about each other and hear nice things in return. This activity is the perfect way to celebrate festively but also promote positive and healthy, confidence boosting relationships.

For something active, play “Catch Cupid!” In this game of Valentine-themed tag, pick one player to be cupid and give each of the other players paper hearts taped to their shirts. Players close their eyes and count down while cupid runs away from them as a head start. Then, chase! The goal is to stick as many hearts onto cupid as possible before the timer runs out. After each heart, players must run back to their starting point to chase again. Whoever gets the most of their hearts stuck on cupid wins! 


Valentine gifts do not have to be all about candy. This year, try something more healthy and productive for your family. Go on a walk together and pick fresh flowers. This is a great way to get some exercise as a family, enjoy nature, and celebrate beauty. The end result is a beautiful gift and a happy memory! If you want to buy something for your child, consider a Valentine’s themed picture book with ideas about love and friendship! This way, kids celebrate and learn at the same time. 


Most importantly, Valentine’s Day messages for kids are a great way to take the opportunity this holiday provides to celebrate love, family, and friendship. With simple words and actions, you can encourage positivity, empathy, and kindness in your child’s life. A great way to do this right now is to write your own Valentine letters to your kids to lead by example and show your love. You can even make compliment cards for your kids to promote kindness and confidence. If you opted to make a kids valentine box, this will be the perfect place to keep these sweet notes! Pass on the love by helping your kids make their own compliment cards for siblings, friends, and other family members. 

At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, our patients are our Valentines! We are here to offer our support every step of the way for your family’s health needs. For more happy and healthy ways to celebrate the holidays, check out our other articles or make an appointment with your pediatrician to discuss these topics further. Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day!