Inspiring and motivating your family to get active can be a fun yet challenging effort and with access to the right tools, anyone can come up with a plan that meets family needs and is workable for the entire family.

A Healthy Family is a Happy One

Helping your family to stay healthy, happy and active is important, and the opportunities and choices are endless when it comes to finding just the right family-centered activities, which are usually free, easy and convenient. You don’t have to think that far out of the box to come up with a plan here in Orange County.

Some of the simplest activities include taking your family to the local park for walking, jogging and playing on park equipment. Orange County offers the most expedient, productive way to get a workout. Under parental supervision, children can learn how to use playground apparatus properly plus have free and unstructured play at the same time. Also, most parks and recreation departments within a town or city have scheduled activities in city parks and spaces that simply require a signup or registration for specific kinds of movement, games and play.Visit

Bicycling can be Fun for the Whole Family

Another easy and simple way for entire families to be active is through bicycling, which is something that can be enjoyed almost anywhere at any time. Designated bike paths can be found in towns, cities, public lands, national forests and parks and are usually navigable for both older and younger individuals. Shorter rides with intermittent breaks are recommended for young children, and they should be given information about biking rules and safety regulations before their initial ride.

Imagination and Creativity Building

Playtime at home is one handy way to keep a family active. Playing dress up, building play or tent houses as well as camping in or outside are all fun activities to keep children physically and imaginatively active. Let them come up with their own outfits, designs and building strategies. Provide old clothing, boxes, plywood, chairs, rugs, sheets, blankets and other materials for them to concoct characters and building designs. They can use their creativity to build a fortress or even a tiny house.

Have Fun Washing the Car

More physically related activities for family engagement can range from sports, games, and everyday chores, staged right in your own front or backyard. Swimming, water slip and sliding, lawn sprinkler dashes, dodge-ball, scavenger hunts, mini track meets, outdoor theatrical presentations and even washing the family car can all become family-centered events.

Whatever activity or activities you choose to engage in with your family, there are oodles of ideas out there that will assist and inspire you to keep your family in shape and active on a regular basis. In order to better enjoy and savor life to the fullest and eliminate the doldrums, action is the answer. Boredom can become a thing of the past when you put on your thinking cap, get the juices flowing and start MOVING!