BOO! Halloween can be a super fun time of year filled with adorable costumes, sweet treats, and spooky decorations. But, of course, it can also be a little bit scary for kids and parents too… Whether you’re concerned about your teen trick-or-treating without you for the first time or wading through mounds of candy, we have just the tips you need to make this spooky holiday as safe as it is fun! Keep reading for our guide filled with Halloween safety tips for parents. 

Get Decked Out

Everyone knows, the best part of Halloween is the costumes! One great way to maximize Halloween fun is to DIY your kiddo’s costume together! Maybe your little one wants to be a flower pot this year or a shark in an aquarium. You can work together to brainstorm ideas, encourage them to flex their creative muscles, and make a plan for how to bring it all together. When cutting up cardboard or paper for decorations be sure to use kid-friendly scissors and always provide supervision. Remember, in all the excitement, kids can be tempted to run around with these objects! Once the costume is finished, prioritize safety for Halloween outings by checking that the size fits just right to avoid slipping and falling. 

Maybe your child wants to take their look to the next level! Opting for face paint instead of a mask is a great way to preserve their visibility while walking outside near the street. Be sure to use kid-friendly make-up and nail polish that is safe and non-toxic. A great way to stay safe is to make sure that the products you use are specifically made for kids. Be sure to talk to your doctor before using any products that might cause an allergy. For example avoid powders or sprays if your child has sensitive skin. After the costume is complete, incorporate a safety feature with reflective stickers on your child’s outfit or use a glow in the dark candy bag so that drivers can see them more easily in the dark. Before you head outside, take a look at the weather report and bring along a jacket, scarf, or umbrella if necessary to avoid your kiddo getting a chill.

Out and About

The next most important part of Halloween for kids is, of course, trick-or-treating! Parents might be concerned about losing their little one in a crowd or taking the hand of the wrong little pumpkin! To prevent this, consider going out with your child in costumes that match, or have the same theme. This way, your kiddo can feel immersed in the experience and won’t want to leave your side! Another way to keep them apart from the crowd is to come up with a unique costume or an original take on a classic look to spot them easily. Safety for Halloween is all about supervision. So, whenever your child goes out, make sure that there is always a parent or other trusted supervisor present. For teens who want to go out with friends, always set boundaries and rules about where they intend to go and what time they will return home. 

Another big concern for parents on Halloween is all of that candy! While a few pieces is generally not a problem, the urge for kids to fill up on sweets is not only unhealthy but is a fast-track to a tummy ache! Talk to your child about how much candy they want to eat now, then, let them pick their favorite pieces and offer to save the rest in the fridge or pantry for later. Before they take any bites, be sure to take a peek at their candy to make sure that it is safe, hasn’t been unwrapped already, and does not contain any known allergens for them.

Fun at Home

If your kiddo is feeling sick, scared, is too young (or too old) to head out for trick-or-treating, or maybe they’re already tuckered out, there are plenty of ways to have a great time at home! Our personal favorite is staying in and having a Halloween-themed dance party with your favorite spooky tunes. For a more relaxing evening, try putting on some age-appropriate Halloween movies to get them in the spirit. Each year you can introduce a new classic movie about cute little ghosts and friendly witches and warlocks. Before you press play, be sure to check the approved age range, review the parental guidelines, and check with your kiddo to see what they are comfortable with. 

If you have a little artist at home, you can keep kids engaged this Halloween with fun arts and crafts activities! Set out paper, glue, scissors, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes for kids so they can make spooky decorations like paper spider webs or ghosts and hang them around the house. In between all that action, your little one is sure to get hungry! Work together to cook a healthy, spooky snack together. Check out our blog post for candy alternatives here! In all the fun, be sure to keep an eye on your child whenever they are around any sharp objects like scissors or cooking utensils to make sure they don’t run with them or use them in an unsafe way. Even holidays can be opportunities for teachable moments about safety!

At Coastal Kids, we believe that every holiday should be as fun and safe for your kids as possible. So, whether you’re celebrating Halloween trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, holding a slightly-scary costume party, or cuddled up with kid-friendly movies, we hope these tips on Halloween safety for kids help you make this holiday the most fun (and safest) one yet! If you have any questions about how to keep your little ones safe and healthy this October, don’t hesitate to reach out to your passionate Coastal Kids Pediatrician. To make an appointment, visit us at Until then, we wish you a festive and fabulous Halloween!