Hey there, mama-to-be! With a baby on the way, your mind might be swirling with all of the beautiful opportunities and new responsibilities ahead of you. And alongside the excitement of a growing family is the fierce desire to protect your precious newborn. The truth is, there is no better time to start taking care of your little one than right now! The wellness of your baby requires the well-being of its mom. So, the best way to begin is by prioritizing both simultaneously. The importance of prenatal care can’t be overestimated, so keep reading for mom-focused tips for a healthy pregnancy. 

Nutrients & Nourishment

By now, we’re sure you have heard about the famed pregnancy cravings! Whatever it might be that your body is yearning to munch on, healthy pregnancy snacks can be key to keeping your nutrition at its best while also staying satisfied. The nutrients that fuel mom are the same that feed the baby too. So, staying away from ultra-processed and junk foods is important to keep your little one healthy. Have a chat with your doctor about the best nutrition options for your pregnancy!

Are prenatal vitamins actually important? Yes! Start taking prenatal vitamins ASAP! As soon as you learn about your pregnancy, you can start taking these vitamins to help your little peanut grow healthy and strong to full term. You can talk to your doctor for a tailored prescription, or find them at your local pharmacy. Although they might make you feel a little nauseous, they are worth the benefits they bring to your baby. If you start feeling queasy, opt to take them with a small snack or in the evening instead.

Strength & Movement

Exercise can be essential for relaxation, de-stressing, better sleep, improving circulation, and bettering your mood. Many of these things can be key to a healthy pregnancy. So while you have a baby in your belly, be sure to practice safe, gentle movement. Stay away from overly strenuous activities like moving heavy objects, climbing on ladders, or standing for too long. Overdoing it can put too much strain on your body as well as your baby’s. 

Instead, take short walks when it is not too hot out or find an exercise routine for pregnant women that works for you. Yoga, walking, and swimming are popular options. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you start any new workout regimen while pregnant. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask about kegel exercises for pregnant women! This sly strength training for the pelvic floor muscles can help to support your uterus, bladder, and even your bowels. This can be really important for making your delivery a little easier.

Rest & De-Stress

When pregnant, rest and relaxation are a must! You need to grow and repair and so does your baby. Try to set a routine for getting at least eight hours of sleep on a regular schedule. If you need naps, take them whenever you can. Feeling tired during pregnancy is your body’s way of telling you to take it easy. So if something is causing you stress, do not be shy about taking time for yourself to practice your favorite self-care activities.

That means that if mom is known to take on a heavy load of chores, gardening, cleaning, caregiving, or other forms of work, your family might need to work together to find new routines to avoid overly stressful and strenuous activities. A valuable tip for a healthy pregnancy is to set new boundaries and expectations early for when mom needs rest and for someone else to step in.

Perhaps the most valuable health tip we can offer is to stay connected with your medical team throughout the entire process. The importance of prenatal care cannot be overstated. It can be instrumental in the health of both mother and baby! So do not forget to schedule all of the necessary appointments with your medical team. At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, we are here to care for your child from the start. For more tips for a healthy pregnancy, make an appointment with a member of your medical team. As your family grows, so will your team. So don’t forget to find the perfect pediatrician to help you keep your newborn happy and healthy. To meet our pediatricians, visit us at www.coastalkids.com