At Coastal Kids, your family’s comfort and safety are our top priorities. That’s why we offer easily accessible Telehealth appointments, to ensure you’re getting the care you need from the comfort of your home.

How Telehealth Works

During a telehealth appointment, you’ll be able to talk with your provider via video conference, and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Before scheduling your appointment, be sure to read through all of the following information so you can be fully prepared for a successful telehealth visit.


  • Your child must be scheduled with a provider in order to be seen via a telehealth appointment.

  • We will not call you at the scheduled appointment time to remind you of the appointment.

  • If you are not in the correct provider’s waiting room by your scheduled appointment time, we may have to reschedule your child’s appointment

Before Your Visit

  • Call our offices to schedule a telehealth appointment for your child. A list of appointments appropriate for a telehealth visit can be found here.

  • When you make the appointment, our staff will walk you through the preparation process so that your child can receive care via telehealth.

  • Please sign the consent form and send back to us at

  • If you are having complications, call our office prior to the appointment so we can help fix any problems.

At Your Appointment Time

  • Click on the appropriate provider’s link at your scheduled appointment time.

  • Type the patient’s name in the “Welcome!” box to let the provider know the patient is in their waiting room.

  • Once you are logged in, please wait for the provider to log in as well. They may still be with another patient.

Provider Appointment Links


Dr. Mussarat Abidi

Dr. Rebecca Allen

PA Lauren Benfanti

Dr. Cynthia Bui

NP Audrey Chang

NP Elaine Chao

Dr. Lydia Chapelsky

Dr. Julie Cheng

Dr. Christine Comulada

Dr. Amy Canos Cox

NP Jessica DeWitt

Dr. Alexander Geiseler

NP Kena Gunter


Dr. Heidi Herrera

Dr. Tami Inbar

NP Kimberly Isberto

Dr. Sarah Judd

NP Lesli Juncaj

Dr. Kathryn Khorashadi

NP Amy Kim

Dr. Jiyeon Kim

Dr. Christine Kornu

Dr. Sarayu Kumar

Dr. Sandy Lee

Dr. Jaqueline Leon


NP Jennifer Maccio

Jeanne McEntire

Dr. Kristina Nylander

Dr. Elizabeth O’Connell

Leann Olson

Dr. Dennis Phillips

Dr. Jayne Rhee

PA Annie Shugarman

Dr. Lisa Teschke-Nguyen

Dr. Leila Yasrebi

Telehealth FAQ

Q: How does billing and insurance work?

A: We will bill your insurance as a telehealth visit. All standard copays and fees contracted with your insurance company apply.

Q: Is secure?

A: The security of our providers and patients are extremely important to us. Before selecting as our telehealth platform, we confirmed it is compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements. does not store any patient health information, meaning it cannot be stolen. It also uses a cutting edge encryption system for all video, audio, and text communications to ensure patient privacy is maintained to the fullest. No recording is made of the visit. The visit will be documented in the patient chart, the same as any other visit.