Teaching Kids To Be Smart About Social Media

One of the most common challenges that parents face in today’s world is social media. Children are often learning how to use different social media platforms at an early age, which can make it difficult to monitor each kid’s activity on the Internet. When you want to protect your little one or teenager as they develop, there are a few important tips to follow.

Discuss the Dangers

Most children are still learning that certain actions have consequences, which can make their activity on social media dangerous. Discuss certain circumstances that can occur when it comes to talking to the wrong people or posting inappropriate content or photos. Helping children to understand what their activity can lead to will help them to think before they do something they’ll regret.

Establish Rules

Social media and kids who use the websites can lead to putting their safety at risk. Establish certain rules that include setting a curfew with their usage and being able to monitor their activity. They’ll understand their boundaries if you create rules that include not sending photos or talking to strangers. If you find your child breaking the rules, take immediate disciplinary action to ensure that they quickly understand the ramifications.

Talk to a Professional

When you’re looking for guidance when it comes to social media and kids, you can ask our Best Pediatric Doctors for insight and tips. Consulting  with our professionals at Coastal Kids Pediatrics will allow you to learn how to instruct your children on using safety and caution on social media websites. You can also ask our  Doctors to speak directly with your child, which can help them to take the discussion seriously if it’s coming from another adult. The best professionals at Coastal Kids Pediatrics can help your children be aware of their actions and use discretion when using chatrooms or message boards.

Start Early

It’s never too early to begin talking to your children about using social media, even if they haven’t started using the apps or websites. Initiate conversation early on and discuss your personal experiences so your kids can learn to trust you and understand how the Internet works. You’ll need to communicate your values and the purpose of social media. Discuss self-respect and how your child needs to have boundaries with other people that they interact with online. Make it a point to become friends with your kids on their accounts, which will allow them to understand that they must remain accountable for their actions. Remain patient when you talk and encourage them to ask questions. Although you may not have all of the answers, you can be a support system as your child learns how to have a healthy relationship with the Internet. 

Keep the lines of communication open as they grow and develop while reminding them of their social media use periodically to keep the rules easy to remember and in the back of their mind.