When your child is sick, it’s natural to be worried. But in times like this, you might even be more worried about exposing your child to even more illness by bringing them in to see a doctor.

But the truth is, getting your sick child care is more important now than ever. Right now, it’s become essential to ensure they are as healthy as possible, by watching your child for any symptoms, and knowing when to go to the doctor. 

If your child is sick and needs to be treated in our offices, here are a few ways you can be confident they’ll stay protected from COVID-19.


When you bring your sick child in for a visit, you can check in from the car so there’s no need to spend time in the waiting room. When your room is ready, you’ll be called and can head straight inside. For both the protection of your child and the doctors and nurses, we’ve made sure masks, goggles and gloves are available. In addition, we’ve implemented strict cleaning procedures, making sure that all areas are thoroughly wiped down and sanitized including the office spaces and exam rooms. 


We are now offering Video Telehealth Visits, so your child can get care without even leaving your home. Via video call, your doctor will be able to assess your child’s symptoms and determine next steps. We encourage you to take advantage of this new service so we can ensure your child gets any medication or other treatment they might need.

If you are interested in scheduling a video visit or rescheduling an office visit to a video visit, please call your local office. 

Drive-Up Visits

For certain appointments, you may be eligible for a drive-up visit. This allows your child to receive necessary care without leaving your vehicle. For more information about which locations this will be offered at and whether or not a drive-up visit is right for your situation, please call your local office.













Stay safe and we’ll see you soon!