Sleepwalking Causes and Solutions

Kids are known to sleepwalk and there are various causes of this condition. Not to fear though, as there are solutions that our Coastal Kids Pediatricians in Orange County can recommended solutions to relieve the problems associated with sleepwalking episodes. They can be incorporated in a child’s routine to help alleviate the condition and make sleep life what it should be–comforting, restful and refreshing upon awakening.

Sleepwalking is more common in kids than adults, though most children outgrow it by their early teens. Parents should be aware of the condition particularly if they were sleepwalkers themselves. It tends to run in families so parents need to be conscious of the chances of it occurring with their own children.

Other Causes or Associated Conditions with Sleepwalking

  • general fatigue or lack of sleep
  • erratic sleep schedules
  • sickness or fever
  • specific medications
  • stress
  • sleep apnea
  • gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)
  • bed-wetting (full bladder)
  • nightmares-night terrors

It is rare when sleepwalking is caused by medical, emotional or psychological problems, though the professionals with our Coastal Kids Pediatricians in Orange County can help determine whether or not those possibilities exist with a child. In some cases, sleep aids are prescribed along with the carefully monitored supervision that goes along with any sleep aid.


The best pediatric advice for sleepwalking in children include a number of common sense strategies, such as:

  • schedule awakening (disrupts sleep cycle to inhibit sleepwalking)
  • relaxation before bedtime through calming music or relaxation tapes
  • establish a sleep and nap time schedule
  • institute an earlier nighttime bed schedule
  • limit liquid intake in the evenings
  • use the bathroom before going to bed
  • avoid caffeine and other food stimulants before bedtime
  • keep any noise to a minimum
  • assure that a child’s room is quiet and beneficial for sleeping
  • assure safe conditions for a sleepwalking child
  • lock windows and doors
  • guide a child back to bed in a gentle manner
  • remove sharp and breakable items
  • keep dangerous objects out of reach
  • remove stumbling causing obstacles and clutter
  • install safety gates at stairs and other entrances
  • steer away from bunk beds to prevent possible falls

Sleepwalking can be worrisome, but with solutions from some of the Best Pediatricians in Orange County here at Coastal Kids Pediatrics there is no reason to fear overcoming it and the associated conditions. Your child can regain a peaceful and contented sleep pattern and you can breathe easier with help from one of our professionals.