Pregnancy is a beautiful experience! It comes with excitement, milestones, and challenges no matter what time of year. But for moms experiencing winter maternity, there are a few added tips to keep in mind to stay safe, healthy, and happy during these cold weather seasons. Keep reading to find out our best pregnancy tips for first time moms this winter. 

What to Wear

Mama, it’s cold outside! Not just for you but for your baby too. Be sure to have winter pregnancy outfits prepared that are comfy for you and the little one growing inside you. Even around the house, it can get pretty chilly, so be sure to bundle up to keep warm. Keep in mind that as your hormones fluctuate, you might need to adjust to any temperature changes. When you venture outside, make sure you have a new winter coat or an extension for your existing one so that you can close it completely. Find well fitting and comfortable shoes to stay stable and walk freely in wintry weather conditions. 

What to Use

The winter months mean dry skin for many people. But for pregnant women, skin can be even more sensitive and prone to changes. You might find a range of skin concerns from dryness to acne due to hormone fluctuations. To stay soft, smooth, and protected, be sure to moisturize and use SPF daily while keeping hydrated by meeting your recommended water intake daily. As stretch marks form, you might choose to moisturize in those areas as well or use specific products to help your skin adapt. Check labels to make sure the ingredients are safe for pregnant women and if you are unsure always ask your doctor. 

What to Do

The changes happening to your body are completely natural and beautiful, so don’t forget to capture these moments! Even though it is cold outside, you can still find a fantastic way to create maternity photoshoots that will give you pictures and memories to last a lifetime. Pick your favorite winter pregnancy outfits and go outside for photos on the brightest, warmest winter day. If you prefer, use the opportunity the season brings to have a winter wonderland theme! 

What to Plan

As your due date approaches, be sure to get prepared early. Take the additional time spent inside to finish up plans for your nursery and take advantage of the nesting process. Don’t forget to have a bag ready to go for the hospital with comfortable winter items for you and your baby. Plan multiple methods and routes for getting to the hospital ahead of time in case of bad weather, traffic, road closures, or other challenges that the season might pose. 

Who to Call

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of your life. As you keep your friends, family, and any other happy acquaintances involved, do not forget to be sure all of the right professionals are kept in the loop too. This means your doctor and OBGYN, but also a perinatal specialist if you anticipate any concerns with your pregnancy. As your due date approaches you will also need to find the perfect pediatrician and keep them up to date with all of the important details of your pregnancy. It might seem like a long time off, but your baby’s first doctor’s appointment is fast approaching!  

At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, we are passionate about being there for you and your baby every step of the way. As you continue to enjoy your winter maternity, we welcome you to reach out to find a pediatrician for your baby before their arrival. In the meantime, you can check out more pregnancy tips for first time moms on our blog. To learn more or contact us visit