Most people who had a family dog or cat growing have fond memories of spending time with the animal. From playing fetch to having someone to lick your face, pets are a valuable addition to the family. When you want to know why you should get a pet for your children, there are a few benefits to learn.

Spend More Time Outside

As kids spend more time indoors while spending time on computers and tablets, it can be easy to stay cooped up in the home. Having a family dog will make it easier for your pet and children to spend time outside. Your child will enjoy throwing the tennis ball back and forth in the backyard or going on walks with the four-legged friend. Pets make it easier to spend time in the sun and enjoy physical activity, which can improve your child’s mood and health. You can have peace of mind knowing that your child is healthy when visiting Coastal Kids Pediatrics when receiving care from the best professionals. Our Orange County Best Pediatric Doctors will be satisfied with your child’s active lifestyle with their time spent with the animal.


Owning a pet can allow children to share in the responsibility of owning an animal, which can help them develop strong skills. They’ll learn how to pick up after the dog or cat, whether it means cleaning up the backyard or emptying the litter box. You can also teach kids how to brush the anima’s fur coat, wash their bed, and look for fleas or ticks.

Having extra responsibility around the house can instill confidence in your little ones, which can allow them to succeed in school and mature at a faster rate. They’ll not only enjoy having an extra friend to spend time with at home but can feel proud of the care that they provide to ensure that the cat or dog thrives.


One of the benefits of a pet in the home is the companionship that it can offer children and teenagers. Children will feel supported by the animal through the ups and downs of childhood, which will allow your kids to have an extra source of comfort. Petting and playing with the pet will also reduce stress or anxiety that your child experiences, which can allow them to learn how to control their emotions.

More Joy in the Home

Some parents may take their kids to talk to the best professionals at Coastal Kids Pediatrics when they’re concerned about stress or low moods that the children experience. Pediatrics often recommend changes that are made in the home, which can include learning about the benefits of a pet. When you want to learn why you should get a pet for your children, you’ll appreciate that pets can allow your child to become more positive and happy with a happy animal by their side.

A Safer Environment

Your pet and children will bond with the time that they spend together and you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safer with the animal’s presence. Many dogs can ward off possible intruders or will alert you if the child is in danger or needs help.