When kiddos think of the doctor’s office, they might have more nerves over needles than excitement for the colorful bandages that go on the ouchie after. Even with a favorite animated movie playing in the front office, your little one may still get a bit nervous at the thought of getting a medical checkup. And the best way to help them alleviate those worries is to schedule regular visits with their pediatrician. But that’s just one of the many benefits of establishing a long-term relationship with their pediatric provider. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits, shall we? 


It can sometimes be difficult for kids to meet new people. Especially, in an environment that they might find intimidating. When they develop a long term patient provider relationship, ideally starting before birth, kids will have some level of built in comfort, having known their pediatrician their whole lives! Regular visits encourage familiarity that can make doctor visits much easier and more comfortable than having to take on the whole new territory of a different set of adults in scrubs and white coats. 


When it comes to pediatrics, a long patient provider relationship means a strong one. It is crucial that children have the time over the course of years to develop a trusting relationship with adults, especially those that they need to feel comfortable opening up to and sharing with. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to pediatricians who are responsible for helping take care of a child’s health. Especially when kids start to get older, they need to be willing to talk about topics that are personal or things they might find embarrassing. Building trust over time can make all the difference. 


Switching pediatricians, and especially practices, can be inconvenient. Kids don’t need any more reasons to not want to go to the doctor! In the process of having their medical information transferred to a new pediatrician, part of the story of a child’s health, such as the important conversations with their pediatrician, inevitably gets lost along the way. Notes and medical records simply cannot fully encompass your child’s unique body, personality, and history. For kids, having to retell their story to a stranger or even simply visit a completely new place with people they aren’t sure they can trust, can be scary. Choosing a pediatrician wisely and fostering a long term relationship supports ease and accessibility for you and your child. 


When it comes to your child’s health, you want the best care possible. A long term pediatric relationship means that your pediatrician can get to know your child over time, looking at them from a holistic perspective throughout their lives. This can help physicians get a better understanding of your child’s history, personality, conditions, and unique needs. This can be especially helpful when kids have chronic conditions or multiple ailments. Even if your child doesn’t have a diagnosis currently, pediatricians are often better able to assess changes and find irregularities when they have become familiar with the child over the course of time. 


Kids often have specific needs. Whether they are obsessed with the color purple or they can’t leave home without their special teddy bear, having a pediatrician that truly gets your child’s unique needs comes with time. A long term pediatric relationship can offer your family a more personalized, patient-centered care that fits your child’s personality and unique health-related needs. Above all, a knowledgeable and passionate pediatrician that gets along well with your child is one of the most important parts of a patient provider relationship. 

At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, we believe that the relationship between child and medical professional is crucial to health and wellness. Our mission is to foster long term patient provider relationships to offer your family the best, most personalized care possible. Our knowledgeable Coastal Kids Pediatricians are passionate about forming a lasting connection and everlasting quest for the best health for your child. To start your journey with us, visit us at www.coastalkids.com