Questions to Ask When Choosing A Pediatrician

Choosing a Pediatrician should not be taken lightly. It is crucial that you find a pediatrician whom you trust and is patient and willing to answer all of your questions. Caring for a newborn or child is a big responsibility, so you need to make sure you find the right physician.

Below are some questions to ask when interviewing and choosing a pediatrician. Take your time when choosing a pediatrician, do not rush into it. Ask each pediatrician these questions and choose the physician you feel most comfortable with. It is also good to ask your friends and family for any pediatricians they would recommend.

We also provide responses for how our Coastal Kids practice handles these questions.

Availability? Are you open weekends and after hours? Who takes/answers urgent telephone calls in the middle of the night?
Coastal Kids has weekend office hours on both Saturday and Sunday mornings with nurse and doctor phone call coverage hours including the middle of the night.

Who will visit/ check on your newborn in the hospital after she/he is born?
One of Coastal Kids pediatricians will examine your newborn infant every morning after delivery during your hospital stay.

Do they have separate sick and well waiting rooms?
Coastal kids has separate sick and well waiting rooms in all of its offices.

Are all of the pediatricians board certified:
All of the physicians at Coastal Kids are board certified pediatricians as well as fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Will your child be able to be seen on the same day for sick visits?
Yes, one of our Coastal Kids physicians will be available for same day sick visits.

Will the pediatricians give advise regarding sleep schedules, nutrition and development milestones?
Yes, Coastal Kids’s pediatricians will help guide parents with all issues regarding your child including sleep issues, nutrition, behavior and development.

Will you accept an alternative vaccine schedule?
Coastal kids follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, but will work with parents requesting an alternative schedule and that are willing to except at least some vaccines.

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