As the weather gets colder, we often find ourselves more inclined to spend our days bundled up inside, cozy with the kids, perhaps watching movies or baking some cookies. All of this time indoors is a great bonding experience for parents and their kids, but something very important to our health often comes up short — exercise. We still need to spend family time outside, breathing in some fresh air, and engaging in winter activities for kids that will get their heart rates up and absorbing some Vitamin D too. This post has the tips you need to keep the kids happy and healthy around the holidays!

Sidewalk Shenanigans

Having a blast with outdoor activities for kids is as simple as igniting the imagination. Engage their artistic side with some sidewalk chalk and have them draw pictures. When they are done, play a game of charades with their art or have them draw in squares to play hopscotch. 

Personal Playground

If you have these fun items on hand, jumping rope is a great way to get the heart rate up and hula hooping is a fun way to get moving! For something they can’t resist, blow some bubbles outside and have them chase them or pop them. It’s so much fun, you might find yourself joining in!

Rainy Day Fun

On rainy days, kids are stuck indoors. But, when there is a break in the rain, take the kids outside to splash around in the puddles. This way, they get excited while moving around outside in the fresh, clean air. Be sure to bundle up first to avoid catching a cold!

Happy Hikes

Winter activities for kids don’t necessarily have to be elaborate. One of the best ways to get outside is simply just taking a walk. For a simple activity, have the kids walk the dog or go pick up the mail. For something more strenuous, find a walking trail and enjoy nature with a nice hike.

Winter Beach Day 

It might be too cold to go in the water, but bundled up on the sand is still fair game! Take a trip to the beach with fun winter activities for kids in mind. Walk on the sand, skip stones on the water, or even build a sand snowman! 

Mini Sports Games

Challenge your kids to a pick-up game of their choice. Whether it’s kicking around a soccer ball or having a dunking contest in the driveway, there are lots of fun ways to get active when it’s too cold for a full game. Badminton is a great way to use the backyard or driveway for quick games close enough to the house to warm up before the next round. 

Whatever you decide to do to get them outdoors, enjoying fun winter activities for kids requires that you make sure to bundle up in layers to keep warm. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen for the little ones to protect them from burns as they get their Vitamin D. For more ideas on how to get the kids outdoors and active this winter, consult your Coastal Kids Pediatrician! We are here to help you keep your kid’s health the highest priority. So keep these ideas in mind, go grab a scarf, and get some fresh air!