Testing for COVID-19 is an essential part of the process that will allow us to return to normal. Plus, seeing who may be carrying the disease can help to slow the spread. 

Coastal Kids Pediatrics is now offering all the available methods to test for coronavirus. Each one is slightly different in it’s collection methods and what it looks for. Our pediatricians will determine which type of test is right for your child.


Nasal Swab

Currently, this type of COVID-19 test is the most common. Our medical professionals will use a cotton swab to collect a sample from each nostril. This type of test can determine if an acute infection is present. It may take a few days to receive the results. The nasal swab method of testing is mainly used to detect an infection in high-risk patients, including those who may have recently traveled somewhere they could have become exposed to the novel coronavirus.


Rapid Blood Drop Testing

With only a 5-10 minute turnaround time, this is the quickest way to see if you’ve been infected with COVID-19. After taking a small sample of blood and inserting it into a device with a strip, similar to that of a pregnancy test, it can be determined if you are currently infected with COVID-19, or have been in the past, by determining whether your body has built up antibodies against the virus.


Antibody Testing

Otherwise known as a serology test, this type of testing requires a blood draw to see if your body has developed the antibodies needed to fight against COVID-19. The presence of these antibodies can determine if you’ve had a past infection, and can also provide information about whether you have the potential to be infected in the future. It usually takes around 2 days to receive the results of this type of test after your blood sample has been sent to the lab for processing. Your provider may recommend this type of test for you if you may have been exposed to or have recovered from COVID-19. 

Here at Coastal Kids, our job is to help you and your child stay safe and healthy. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment where a provider can recommend a COVID-19 test for your child.