The excitement of bringing your newborn home is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind experience. But the glow of parenthood is also surrounded by the worry of keeping your newborn safe. While many parents buy baby products to help keep their little one healthy, happy, and developing, or simply to make life easier, these well-intentioned purchases can sometimes pose serious dangers for your baby. Unfortunately, just because a product is available does not make it safe. Baby product recalls are not uncommon. Some of the most dangerous baby products are widely sold and very popular. So, to keep your child as healthy as possible, keep reading for the purchases you may want to avoid and some safer alternatives!


Blankets and pillows are seemingly safe items that might feel comforting to us adults. But what is cozy for you can actually pose a serious risk to your baby. Pillows and blankets, even those made for babies, are a suffocation and smothering hazard. When putting your baby to bed, be sure to only use a fitted sheet on a mattress in the crib with no additional bedding. To keep your baby warm, use cozy infant pajamas!


When bringing your baby from place to place, be sure the accessories you use are completely safe. Frequently used baby slings, or baby carriers, can be risky. Infants can fall out of them or even suffocate. Be sure that the carrier you use is upright, next to your face, and abides by strict safety standards. While in the car, remember to only use car seat toys that come with your car seat. Any separately sold toys are baby products to avoid. They are very likely not safety tested with your specific seat and therefore cannot be guaranteed safe in the event of a crash. Stick to the tried and tested toys that come with your car seat!


Keep in mind that any unsecured furniture is a big risk for babies. Take inventory of the pieces in your house and make sure they are all well secured and cannot tip over onto your baby or otherwise break while your baby is near them. That includes the risk of changing tables without four sides. Your baby can fall off and get seriously hurt. So, be sure that your changing space is clear, sturdy, and safe. Use straps whenever possible and make sure your child cannot roll off. For a safer alternative, you can opt to use a mat on an open space on the floor! 


Made to help babies sit upright, booster seats can pose a danger when infants lean or rock while sitting on it. If infants tip over while on a hard surface, or worse on an elevated surface, they can fall and have serious injuries. Instead, try a bouncing seat set on the floor. Bath seats, another popular item, are unfortunately on the list of baby bath products to avoid. While safe under supervision, even for the most attentive parents, these toys encourage babies to turn, making it possible for them to fall over into the water and risk drowning. So be sure that these seats are only used when a parent has eyes and hands on the baby at all times. 


We know how much you want to be cozied up to your infant as much as possible. However, products like co-sleepers, or bedside sleepers, that allow you to sleep side-by-side with your baby are unfortunately not safe. Parents can still roll over onto the unsturdy foam and therefore on top of their baby. Infants can also move too close to the foam and suffocate. Another similar product, sleep positioners, are dangerous as well. Much like the sleepers, the foam sides are hazardous and risk suffocation. For a safe alternative, stick to a secure, four-sided crib!


Speaking of sleeping, cribs and their accessories are not all created equal as far as safety is concerned. Drop-side cribs, crib tents, and crib bumpers are baby products to avoid. Drop sides can move and cause a serious danger for your child for falling or even strangulation. Crib tents that cover your baby, and supposedly keep them inside the crib, can fall and hurt your little one. Your infant might even get caught in them or strangled in the material. Another product, crib bumpers are meant to keep children safe from the crib’s hard bars. However, babies have suffocated against the foam. In the case of cribs, the simplest comforts can be the safest, so stick to the basics with a four-sided, sturdy and foam-free crib. 


Fun items like jumpers and walkers seem like an excellent way to get your baby moving! However, the dangers they pose are simply not worth the risk. As babies ramp up their energy, their movement can cause jumpers to fall apart. Those fitted to the doorway have a similar problem. Your little one’s excessive energy could mean they jump too high and hit their head. Walkers, on the other hand, do not keep your baby from approaching steps or drops and falling down. What seems like it would increase their development is actually dangerous and can even limit their walking abilities. Opt for an activity center instead where your little one can safely move in place and develop at their own pace. 

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