The miracle of life growing inside a mother’s belly is a beautiful experience. But, it is often not without a few uncomfortable health-related hiccups. An aggressive kick from inside the womb, crazy cravings, and the famed morning sickness — to name a few. While altogether undesirable, moderate nausea during pregnancy is entirely normal and affects more than fifty percent of gestating women. This hallmark of the first trimester can be one of the first signs of pregnancy, generally starting around the sixth week and lasting through the twelfth. Luckily, there are plenty of tips for how to deal with nausea during pregnancy that are safe for mother and baby. Remember, before you make any drastic changes with your health and lifestyle, you’ll want to consult with your primary care physician.

Keep reading for our morning-sickness remedies!


The American Pregnancy Association lists a number of suggestions for foods to gravitate towards in order to soothe and sustain a happy belly. Cold and plain foods like mild fruits and vegetables, broths, plain cooked potatoes, crackers or pretzels, are all great choices to try for nausea relief during pregnancy. Lemon and ginger work well separately and in combination to ease an upset stomach. Snack on them plain, or incorporate the two into your diet via snacks or drinks. Jello and popsicles are also common, easy-on-the-tummy treats. 


When nausea strikes, vomiting often follows. This unfortunate side effect can be more than just uncomfortable. It can be dangerous too. If you are vomiting, you are likely losing vital fluids. Be sure to drink a lot of water in order to avoid dehydration and compensate for lost liquids. To avoid overfilling the stomach, try to drink water thirty minutes before or after a meal, instead of during. In addition to water, certain drinks can calm and soothe the stomach. Opt for peppermint, lemon, or ginger beverages such as teas or infused waters.


Vitamin B6 has shown to be helpful to relieve morning sickness. Pregnant mothers experiencing nausea should opt for foods high in vitamin B6, including bananas, avocados, spinach, sunflower seeds, pistachios, poultry, lean pork and beef, and dried fruit. To keep the stomach satiated but not irritated, try to stick to smaller, more frequent meals. Upon waking up, snack on something easy to eat before getting out of bed to start the day. 


While there are plenty of items to include in a calm stomach regimen, there are also a few habits to subtract. Avoid any foods, fragrances, or other pungent smells as this can trigger nausea. The exception? Lemon. Snacking on or sniffing a wedge can sometimes ease mild symptoms. This might be an obvious one, but cut out greasy foods and anything overly spicy for now as they can irritate the stomach. Another tip: don’t forget to take prenatal vitamins alongside a small snack. The additional iron on an empty stomach can make a pregnant woman queasy. Last but not least, nap generously but avoid laying down after a meal.


If food, water, and other healthy habits are simply not cutting it, there are a few treatments available that you can discuss with your doctor. A few common remedies include morning sickness relief tablets, nausea reducing popsicles for pregnant women, and even nausea fighting acupressure wristbands. Other options include taking vitamin B6 supplements or antacids. Be sure to discuss any supplements, treatments, or other morning sickness remedies with your doctor ahead of time to ensure their safety for you and your baby.


Be sure to visit a doctor if you have severe morning sickness. Consistent, continuous vomiting, where you cannot keep food down could be a sign of a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. This severe form of morning sickness can be dangerous for you and your baby if left untreated. For any intense or seemingly unmanageable symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional who can guide you through the most appropriate treatments and remedies that are safe for you and your little one. 

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