In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s understandable that in-person visits to healthcare providers have seen a steady decrease. You may be concerned about bringing your child in to see a doctor, and might be tempted to cancel or push back routine appointments, but protecting your child means giving them the regular checkups they need.

Although it makes sense to be concerned, keeping your well child visits is more important now than ever. Keeping up with your baby’s vaccine schedule or your child’s regular checkups is imperative for preventing illnesses and for ensuring their health and development is in check.

Take a look at a few of the ways we’re making sure you can still come in for your child’s general checkups, without worry of exposing them to illness. 

Sanitary Precautions

We’ve made sure all our doctors and nurses have masks, goggles and gloves available. In addition, we are consistently increasing our cleaning procedures, making sure all surfaces are wiped down and the office space, waiting room, and exam rooms are sanitized.

Well/Sick Separation

To further prevent spreading the illness while still providing a space for your child to receive care, we’ve separated our well and sick appointments. Since our opening, we have created separate well and sick waiting areas, but in light of this situation we have increased this separation by staggering our office hours. Certain locations will only be seeing well patients in the morning, and vice versa.

Please contact your local office for more information about the well and sick hours. 

Drive-Up Visits

We are now offering the option of drive-up care in our parking lots. For certain types of visits, you may be able to receive a visit from the doctor without leaving your vehicle. For more information about which locations this is available and if you may be eligible, please call your local office.