For some kids, bathtime is synonymous with playtime — a comfortable, fun experience filled with bubbles and splashing. For others, it is an event of absolute dread. Wherever your child stands, safety and enjoyability are top priority. In order to let the fuss go down the drain with the last bath’s dirty water, keep reading. We have the tips you need to make baby bath time a safe and happy experience. 

Safe Soaps

Tear-free is what you’ll want both your bath time and your soap to be. Some soaps might look and smell fun, but they can cause irritation to the skin and eyes, not to mention can contain harsh chemicals that are not ideal for delicate infant skin and eyes. Opt for gentle soaps free from perfume, fragrances, or dyes. Ideally, look for unscented, tear-free baby shampoos and body washes. Do your research and feel free to consult a pediatrician for help with checking the ingredients in your products to make sure you are comfortable with what is inside. 

Bathtime Toys for Busy Babies

Your child is probably going to require a few baby bath toys to keep them busy and having fun. You want to make the moment exciting and special, something they can look forward to. So, pull out the fish toys, mermaids, or little boats, to make bath time a watery adventure. To avoid any ouchies, use non-slip mats, spout covers, and easy rinse cups to keep soap and water out of their eyes. 

Bi-Weekly Baths

Keeping baths at bay is not only to avoid the repetition of boring your baby, it is important, especially with newborns that they don’t get wet too often. Your baby’s skin can get dried out and irritated if bathed too often. So stick to two to three times a week as a good sweet spot, but no more than that, unless of course you have a messy incident! Outside of bi or tri-weekly baths, as long as you do a daily cleanse for the hands, face, neck, and diaper zone you’re good to go.

Helicopter Hands

A good baby bathtime rule of thumb is to keep your hands and eyes on your little one at all times. Just like a helicopter, your hands should hover close by. Keep in mind that certain bath accessories can give parents a false sense of security about safety. In truth, babies can tip over easily and will always need constant supervision in the tub. So stay involved as much as possible to keep your child occupied, feeling safe, and being social. When it comes to washing, cradle your baby’s head and use a gentle washcloth to cleanse the skin.

Tiny Temps

An undesirable water temperature makes for a fussy baby! So, for your little one’s safety and comfort, keep bath water at a low, lukewarm temperature. If it is too hot it can burn, irritate, or simply dry out the skin. Keep in mind that your tolerance for warm water is very different from your baby’s. So, check the temperature by dipping your elbow in instead of your hand. Continue to check the water repeatedly throughout your child’s bath, especially if the water is still running, to make sure the water is not getting too hot or too cold. 

Post-Bath Prep

One major key to make baby bath time fun and fuss-free is to have everything you need for after the bath ready before the water starts running. That way, you can stay fully focused on your baby at all times throughout the entire process. Have your toys, soap, washcloth, clothes, products, diapers, and towel set aside nearby beforehand. This way, you can stay keep the after-bath stress to a minimum. 

Diligent Drying

As soon as bath water starts to get chilly, swaddle your little one in a towel right away to keep them warm and their body heat up straight out of the bath. Be sure to dry the skin thoroughly before changing to avoid irritation and rash. Use both the towel and a few minutes of air dry time in order to let the water in the skin’s rolls, folds, and creases evaporate. 

At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, we are here to help make taking care of your child a safer and more enjoyable experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team of passionate pediatricians for any questions you may have about how to make bath time fun and fuss-free! Until then, happy splashing!