When the winter weather fades and spring flowers bloom, pollen starts flowing freely. This pivotal time can bring on a host of toddler seasonal allergies, often an uncomfortable nuisance for kids and parents alike. Severe cases can have a serious impact on a child’s life, causing breathing challenges, sleep quality concerns, and restrictions from important activities. So, to remedy those itchy eyes and stubborn sniffles, read these tips for how to help toddlers with seasonal allergies.

Understanding Allergies

If you suspect allergies, the first step you need to take is to talk to your child’s pediatrician. They can likely provide an insightful diagnosis. They might even advise working with a certified allergy specialist to get your child tested for a range of allergies. Together, you and your child’s medical team can work towards an appropriate treatment arrangement and schedule for what to give your toddler for seasonal allergies. Concrete results and a plan for action can save a lot of worry and discomfort for you and your little one!

Clean House

The warmer weather might make you want to open the windows and let in the fresh air, but if you’re dealing with toddler seasonal allergies, it might be a better option to opt for air conditioning. Closing the windows can help avoid pollen drifting inside and causing those pesky symptoms. Pollen can also stick to clothes and hitch a ride on hands, hoodies, and backpacks, making its way inside. Opt to have your family members wash their hands and put on a fresh change of clothes when they come in from outside. This can help mediate pollen’s potent infiltration.

Enjoying Outdoors

When your child goes outside to play, be mindful of the weather. Dry days with high winds can be particularly troublesome for toddler seasonal allergies. When symptoms are acting up, avoid play areas with lots of plants and keep in mind that high pollen count days are usually best spent indoors. But don’t let your little one hide inside and avoid exercise! Physical activities can boost the immune system, promote circulation, and increase breathing. You can use weather apps to check pollen counts to see if staying indoors or taking medication might be a better option. 

Water Works

When itchy eyes are bringing on the waterworks, encourage your child to drink up! Water can be an effective way to reduce the severity of toddler allergy symptoms. When your kiddo’s body comes into contact with those pesky allergens, the body reacts to produce additional mucus to capture the tiny invaders. Additional hydration can provide the necessary moisture for mucus to work its magic and to clear it away when the job is done. To maximize water’s powerful properties, try using a steamy shower room or a clean humidifier to help ease symptoms. The warm, moist air can help to clear out the nose, improve breathing, and soothe irritation. For another option, consider a saline nasal solution which can provide a similar effect. 

Mediating Medication

Allergy medications can be a powerful solution for springtime sniffles. While not every available option is suitable for your child, there are a wide range of options for both over-the-counter and prescription medications. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to sort through them to find the best fit. Working with a pediatrician can be essential to forming a healthy and effective solution for what to give toddlers for allergy season. Each child is unique and will likely need a specific, personal regiment to improve their allergies. Your pediatrician can advise you what to give your little one and the best times to start and stop the medication. 

At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, we know that spring can be an essential time of year for outdoor adventure, sunshine playtime, and making lasting memories as your little one grows alongside the season’s blooms. For tailored medical advice on how to help a toddler with seasonal allergies, reach out to your Coastal Kids pediatrician. Our passionate team of doctors are prepared to help you keep the sneezing and sniffles at bay so your family can go back to enjoying this spectacular time of year!