Valentine’s day is all about love, friendship, flowers, and of course candy! And let’s face it, kids are craving sugar enough as it is. As a result, this sweet holiday leaves parents stuck with the responsibility of coming up with appropriate Valentine’s Day snacks for kids that they can feel good about serving. Especially when it comes to picking healthy Valentine’s Day treats for school parties!

But, instead of it feeling like a burden, we are here to help you make it easy and exciting! That’s why we’ve come up with our favorite nutritious candy alternatives and festive treats that you can give your kiddos all February long, or even bring to school on the 14th. So, to find out how you can make this your kid’s most tasty and healthy Valentine’s Day yet, and curb that sweet tooth too, keep reading for our favorite healthy valentine’s day snacks for kids.


Kids love gummy bears and fruit snacks! So, why not make a healthy version of them? Homemade fruit leathers and fruit snacks are simple to make and you get to decide exactly what you want in them, rather than taking a gamble on the processed versions you can buy from the store. After you pick your child’s favorite flavors, make a puree, and dehydrate in the oven you can then cut the leather into rollable strips or heart shapes with a small cookie cutter!

Yogurt Bark

For a tasty treat that’s balanced too, try yogurt bark. Spread a low sugar or unsweetened plain, vanilla, or strawberry yogurt on a lined baking sheet. Then have fun with it! You and your kiddo can drizzle chocolate, drop nuts, stick freeze dried or raw berries on top for some color and flavor, and then pop in the fridge or freezer to set. Break the pieces apart and serve for a Valentine’s Day treat they will love.


What better way to take advantage of a time for treats than an antioxidant-packed smoothie! Be sure to incorporate colorful fruits and veggies like acai, raspberry, strawberry, cherries, or red beets, to pack it with lots of color, flavor, and nutrition too! Then, be sure to make it balanced with yogurt or nut butters for fat and protein. They can drink it up or turn it into a smoothie bowl and top with their favorites such as toasted coconut, granola, and more fruits for a sweet but nutritious snack.

Baked Goods

Take your favorite healthy baked goods and turn them into a holiday masterpiece and the ideal Valentine’s Day snack for kids. You can make festive brownies, muffins, cookies, and cakes all you need is a cupcake tin or mold that shapes them into a heart, pick your favorite healthy recipe, and go! Our favorite is low sugar carrot cake or zucchini brownies! To take it up a notch, make a heart shaped lava cake with a raspberry filling that oozes out pink gooey goodness when they take the first bite!

Love Potion

Every holiday has a little bit of “magic” for kids! So, why not make a little of it for them! We like the idea of a kid friendly drink that gives the appearance of a love potion! Serve it in a tiny corked bottle or with a little message around it. You can use a colorful fruit juice like pomegranate, watered down in sparkling water or for older kids butterfly pea tea which is naturally caffeine free. Squeeze a little lemon juice in and watch the color change from blue to purple or red before their eyes!

Sweet Hearts

If you’re missing that old school feel that candy hearts offer, why not take the idea and make it come to life with real, whole foods instead? We’ve seen some pretty cute photos of clementines with sweet messages like Be Mine and I Love You written on the peel. Or, take a heart shaped cookie cutter and make them yourself out of pineapple or watermelon. Write out the messages in chocolate or yogurt icing and put them in the fridge to set. Your kiddo will love the fun surprise! Plus, they make especially fun and healthy Valentine’s Day treats for school parties!

Love Boats

What could be more fun than a little love boat made out of their favorite fruits? We recommend slicing a banana in half long ways. Then, make a little room with a spoon in the center to fill it with yogurt, nut butter, or another sweet spread. Then, top with a chocolate, yogurt, or raspberry drizzle and some extra fruit or nuts. Your kiddo will be totally willing to flow with this awesome candy alternative!

Savory Snacks

Who says Valentine’s Day snacks for kids have to be sweet? If you’re looking for something savory, not to worry, you have plenty of options too! You can make a colorful veggie tray arranged in a heart with a sprinkle of paprika, or another red spice on top, to make it festive. Or, fill mini red bell peppers or tomatoes with your favorite stuffing or a savory spread like herbed cream cheese for a delightful and festive treat.

Friendly Reminders

Valentine’s day is all about fun, love, and friendship. Which means kids are likely to want to share what you give them whether it’s bringing it to school or offering some to kids from their lunchbox. So, if you’re bringing something for school parties or letting them share with friends, be sure to check on the kids’ allergies first. Let your kiddo or their teacher know what common allergens might be in the foods your child is bringing so they can avoid sharing with kids that might have sensitivities to it. And remember, Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be all about food. You can always make the holiday special with little love notes or with an activity like making friendship bracelets. Do your best to show that the holiday is first and foremost about love and friendship.

At Coastal Kids, we believe that a key component supporting kids’ health is supporting parents with the best information and tips on how to give them the healthiest options possible. We hope you enjoyed this guide with ideas for healthy Valentine’s Day treats for kids. For more ideas or advice that is tailored to your child’s unique needs, get in touch with your knowledgeable Coastal Kids pediatrician. To make an appointment, visit us at