Why Your Child’s Back to School Physical Should Be a Top Priority (Especially This Year)

As the summer starts winding down and fall approaches, it’s time to start getting kids ready for school. As children rejoin their fellow classmates on the playground and in the classroom, they will need to be in good health to hit the ground running! That means, at the top of every parent’s to-do list should be checking in on the health and wellbeing of their child. The first step? Scheduling back to school physicals. Your pediatrician has the tools and knowledge needed to examine your child’s wellness from head to toe, before they step back into the classroom. Keep reading for the details on why this appointment is so important for a healthy return to school!


Preventive care is instrumental in protecting the health of your little one. By scheduling your back to school physical each year, you can stay ahead of any health concerns your child might be facing. Checking in with your pediatrician can give you an overview of your child’s health, wellness, and development. Each yearly physical can provide you with a holistic view of how your child is changing and whether they are on track with their developmental stage. If any concerns show up in the visit that you did not notice at home, you can ensure that you are helping protect the health of your child before any concerns arise or worsen. 


Heading back to the classroom means switching from the computer to the whiteboard, or up-close to far-close and everything in between. These changes can strain a child’s eyes if they are not equipped with the proper tools they need to see clearly. At their pediatric visit, kids have their eyes checked to examine how well they can see and whether they might need additional help from a pair of glasses. Unaccounted for vision changes can be a major reason for a child’s inability to focus or lowered performance in the classroom. So set your sights on the next available appointment!


An important aspect of back to school physicals is the height and weight of your child. Your pediatrician can check to see if your child’s growth is on track and if their level of physical activity and nutrition is creating a healthy weight and lifestyle. Noting these things can reveal additional concerns that your pediatrician can help you address. If your child needs more exercise, or a different nutrition plan, you can work together to create a plan that suits your child’s health and that of your family. More on this below!


As school time rolls around, kids might be stuck with school lunches that aren’t providing them the best nutrients they need. Your pediatrician can counsel you on the best way to approach the other meals of the day, snacks, or packed lunches to meet your child’s dietary needs.That way if your child needs any additional nutrients to grow strong, or if there is something holding them back from their best health, your pediatrician can work with you to start solving it!


Depending on your child’s age, they will likely be recommended vaccinations in order to participate in school and to protect them from common illnesses. Especially when school starts up again, kids are going to be sitting together in the classroom and spending time with many other kids. It can be a great idea to protect them, and your family, with any of the recommended vaccinations. 


Especially with the transition back to school from remote learning, it is more important than ever to check in on the mental health of your kids. This is something that you can do at home by taking note of your child’s emotions and behaviors. You might notice significant changes, but sometimes, a professional is needed to spot the lesser known signs. Your pediatrician is trained to look out for these signs and might be able to see them early on. As a result, you can set your child up for success by helping care for any unique needs from the body to the mind. 

At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, our top priority is the holistic wellness of your child. That is why we believe preparing for the best health of your child should always be top of mind when getting kids ready for going back to school. Don’t forget to come visit us every year, even if your child seems perfectly healthy. Our knowledgeable team of pediatricians is equipped to assess many aspects of your child’s health, and advise your family on what you need to do to keep them well inside and out. So, if you haven’t already, make an appointment to get the back to school physical checked off your to-do list!