The leaves are changing and pumpkins are starting to arrive in our stores (and on our lawns). Fall is finally here! But that means that flu season is fast approaching. From early fall through spring, October to May, influenza is known to be at its worst for the year. That means, before the start of the spooky season, it is time to ensure that flu shots for kids are made a priority. And amidst the whirlwind of the pandemic, this is more important than ever. Keep reading to find out why these vaccinations for kids are essential this season.

Spooky Season

Halloween isn’t the only spooky thing that happens in October. The flu can be pretty scary too. Many people do not realize how serious and dangerous the flu can really be. Aside from extreme symptoms that can impact development and cause damage in the body, the flu can cause death, even amongst people who were healthy before they got sick. Young children, under the age of five, are at high risk for flu complications that can be serious and even life threatening. During the 2019-2020 flu season, the CDC cited 188 pediatric deaths from the flu

Flu Fears

As we go back out into the world after quarantine, resuming our new normal activities, the flu is still lurking. This year, the CDC is advising that the flu season could be even more severe and arrive earlier than normal. During the previous year, children have spent more time inside and away from the day to day germs that keep their immune systems strong. As schools are reopening, kids could potentially be exposed to all sorts of new bacteria and viruses, and the flu is no exception. Luckily, every year flu vaccines are updated to help protect against variations that are appearing in the virus. Flu shots for kids must be repeated each year to stay effective and build protection against new variants. 

Helping Healthcare

Since this flu season is expected to be especially strong, it is important that we do everything we can to not overwhelm it. Covid cases are still causing hospitalizations and too many flu cases can cause a problem for the health care system’s capacity. This could mean your child might not be able to get the best, fullest hospital care they might need. Vaccinations reduce the number of people seeking testing or care for potential covid symptoms. The best way to protect your child and prevent the flu, is to get them vaccinated. Any child over the age of six months should be vaccinated for the flu each year according to their pediatrician’s recommendations. 

Panic Protection

Another great reason to stay on top of flu vaccinations for kids, is to help keep everyone healthy and avoid panic. Getting sick right now makes people afraid, whether diagnosed with a mild cold or worse. Without the flu vaccine, it is more likely for your child to get sick or experience worrisome symptoms. This can cause panic in home, school, and work environments, as people fear contracting Covid. Ultimately, getting sick can cause not only stress on your child and their body, but also on parents, teachers, and friends. More importantly, children who contract the flu can be contagious and put others at higher risk for infection. 

At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, we believe in doing everything possible to protect and promote your child’s best health. Flu shots for children are a powerful tool to protect your little one, your family, and the health care system. Our passionate team of pediatricians is available to answer any questions you might have about vaccinations for kids. To give us a call or schedule an appointment, visit us at