The new year is almost here! That means it is the perfect time to think about ways to set healthy goals for the whole family. Yes, we can help make New Year’s resolutions for kids too! So, after everyone has had their fair share of decadent desserts and over-the-top appetizers, the end of the holiday season is the ideal time to check in with health goals we can make as a family to reevaluate how to maximize well-being in the new year. So, whether you want to get the kids to eat better, get outside more, study harder, or spend more time bonding with family and friends, keep reading for our family New Year’s resolution ideas to help you kick 2022 off to a healthy start!

Healthy Eating

The holidays are for gathering. But that doesn’t have to end with the season. One of the most fruitful family New Years resolution ideas is to have dinner all together multiple nights per week. This allows everyone to eat the same meal and fill each plate with whole foods. Parents can even set an example by letting kids help out with preparing meals. To accompany this, kids can set their own solo goals. For example, skipping soda and leaving the sugary drinks for a maximum of once per week. Parents can support these resolutions by making sure the drinks and snacks in the home are healthy ones. As much as the kiddos wish they could be, cookies and chips aren’t snacks. They are treats!

Getting Exercise

The weather might be chilly this time of year, but we hope it is still warm enough for taking walks or bike rides out in nature. Bundle up together and hit the beach or your favorite hiking trails. Set a goal as a family to get out of the house and into nature at least three times per week. For an alternative option, set a goal with a little friendly competition in mind. Make it your group resolution to exercise together at least three times per week. See who can run the fastest, catch the most balls, or make the most goals! To wind down, set a goal to do yoga altogether at least once per week.

Happy Hygiene

One thing that many people might forget when considering health, is the importance of setting goals for hygiene. You might have a finicky child who hates bath time or a tween who is ready to start wearing deodorant. So, consider New Year’s resolutions for kids that involve helping them learn crucial skills to take care of themselves. Something as simple as setting a family goal to brush three times a day and floss once a day can go a long way in setting the tone for healthy habits that will last for the years to come. 

Staying Social

A new year brings new opportunities for building social skills! An important part of every child’s upbringing is making friends and bonding with the important figures in their lives. So set a goal to maximize playtime, and encourage kids to set their own goal to have at least one playdate with their friends per week. Or maybe you could plan more family gatherings so kids can get to know their relatives better. Every social event is great practice to help kids learn vital social skills and work on making friends!

Making Memories

This year, your best family new years resolution ideas might be fun for the whole family. Work together to pick destinations to visit, group activities, or even games to play to make memories together. Maybe you want to hit three new hiking trails together per month or have game night once per week. Planning events is a great way to get excited about the year to come and ease kids into planning for the future. Amidst all of the fun activities they can look forward to, help your child plan other important events like school deadlines and doctor’s visits. 

At Coastal Kids Pediatrics, we believe that New Year’s resolutions for kids can be an excellent way for parents to support their children by setting goals fit for the whole family. When kids see their parents making positive choices, they are more likely to make similar choices too. So this new year, we hope you take some of these family new years resolution ideas to heart, and set a healthy example for your little ones. Our passionate team of pediatricians is prepared to assist you in developing personalized goals for your child. To learn more, visit us at