New Patient FAQs

Are you Accepting new patients at this time?
All physicians are accepting new patients at our four Coastal Kids locations. We accept PPO and HMO insurances. Please call our office for details regarding your insurance plan.

Would I need to preregister with the office before delivering?
When you fill out your paperwork for the hospital simply let them know which primary care physician at Coastal Kids will be your pediatrician. The hospital staff will contact our office with the news of the birth of your baby; and the designated rounding physician for the next day, at your hospital, will come to your hospital the next morning to examine your newborn.

We also offer at all Coastal Kids locations a “New Mom Consult” with the physician of your choice. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the office and bring all your questions! Just call the office to make an appointment; however, this appointment is not mandatory in order for our physicians to become your child’s pediatrician.

Do we choose one primary physician?
If your insurance plan is a PPO you can see any of our physicians at any of our locations. If your plan is HMO you have the same opportunity, but you will need to indicate with your insurance carrier one of our HMO physicians as your primary care. Only two physicians at Coastal Kids are not HMO providers.

What is your physicians view on vaccines?
Our physicians follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We do vaccinate our children, however, our physicians will allow for an alternate schedule if desired. This schedule will still require some of the essential vaccines, with the potential of spacing them out over a period of time.

When will my newborn have their first appointment in the office?
On the day of discharge at your hospital, the rounding physician will inform you when your newborn needs to have their first visit in the office. Please call the office as soon as possible to set that appointment up. At this visit, you will be asked fill out paperwork, and your insurance will be verified. Please remember to bring your insurance information with you. Often, parents are asked to visit our offices 2 to 3 days after discharge from the hospital for various reasons, but for the first year, routine visits are at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months and at the 1 year mark. At the six week visit your child will need to be added to the insurance policy. Please make sure you call your insurance as soon as possible after the baby is born to find out what paperwork is needed to add your child to the policy.

Who can I call when my child is sick after the office has closed?
When the office is closed, please call the main phone number of the office. Your call will be directed to our answering service. Let them know your concerns and they will direct your call to our CHOC nurse line or they can contact our physician who is on call for the night. In the event of an emergency, please call 911 to have the paramedics come to you.

Our Newport Beach office does have same day sick appointments on Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. The office opens at 9:00 am for calls as well as to make an appointment. On the weekdays, we have after hours in the evening after 5:00 pm in one of our office locations.

Do you have separate sick and well waiting areas?
Coastal Kids has separate sick and well waiting areas in all of their offices. These areas are also monitored by the staff to ensure protection for all.

Are Coastal Kids pediatricians board certified?
All of the physicians at Coastal Kids are board certified with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Coastal Kids has a selection process for hiring pediatricians, this allows us to provide quality care for our patients.

Will your child be able to be seen on the same day for sick visits?
Yes! One of our Coastal Kids providers will be available to see your child on the same day during our office hours. If possible, please make sure you call early in the day for us to provide a time before after hours begin.

Will the pediatricians give advice regarding sleep schedules, nutrition and development milestones?
Our pediatricians and providers are here to help with all of your concerns from birth until starting college! We look forward to taking care of your children and becoming a source for your medical needs as we watch them grow! If needed, we have an outstanding base of referrals for specialists, and work with them closely to monitor your child.