10 signs of diabetes symptoms in children

There are a number of signs that your child might have type 1 diabetes. These signs and symptoms develop quickly in children; over a period of weeks. Therefore, if you notice any of them visit Coastal Kids Pediatrics in Orange County for early testing.
Here is what you need to watch for;

1. Excessive thirst
If your child has type 1 diabetes, excess sugar will build up in their bloodstream and fluids will be pulled from their body tissues. This leaves them very thirsty and you may notice their undeniable craving for sweets and cold drinks.

2. Frequent urination
Frequent urination is a result of excessive water drinking. If your child starts taking an unusual number of bathroom breaks, there may be a serious reason behind it. If you notice this, immediately search for our best pediatricians in California.

3. Fatigue
This disease deprives your child’s cells the sugar they need to generate energy for her muscles and organs to use. This results in her feeling fatigued, weary and lethargic.

4. Blurred vision
Your child may experience sight problems because when their blood sugar is too high, fluid may be pulled from their eye lenses and hence affect their ability to focus clearly.

5. Increased appetite
If your child shows signs of increased appetite or intense hunger, they could be having the disease. This is because without adequate insulin to move sugar into their cells, their muscles and organs become energy-depleted.

6. Sudden/Rapid weight loss
Although your child may be eating more than normal to match their increased appetite, they may still be losing weight. This is because without the energy that sugar supplies, muscle tissues and fat stores reduce. If you notice such a sign, do not hesitate to consult our professional pediatrics in OC for immediate assistance.

7. Irritability
If your child has un-diagnosed type 1 diabetes, they may suddenly turn moody or become irritated by very small things.

8. Diaper rash in toddlers or infants
If your toddler gets a persistent diaper rash that doesn’t improve with medicated cream, it could also be a sign of the disease. Immediately ask for recommendations to our best pediatricians in California so that your child can be tested and treated early enough.

9. Dry mouth or sore dry throat
Your child may be complaining of a dry and sticky mouth or a sore dry throat.

10. Yeast Infections
Older girls with this disease may have yeast infections such as vaginal discharge or itching which are also symptoms of the disease.

If you read any of the above signs and symptoms with your child, call Coastal Kids Pediatrics and schedule a consultation with one of our Orange County Pediatricians for early testing!