Seasonal allergies can take all the fun out of being a kid and when they strike, they can do so with a vengeance. There are effective strategies to deal with these types of allergies,and the pediatricians at Coastal Kids Pediatrics Pediatrics in Orange County can provide the needed answers to help parents combat their children’s seasonal allergies.

It’s that Time of Year Again

Certain times of the year seem to trigger allergic responses, particularly with changes in temperature, confinement in particular places for extended periods of time, along with the release of viruses, pollen and other substances into the air that affect allergic children. Other reactions can occur with exposure to animal fur, certain types of food and chemicals.

Allergies are actually caused by the reaction of the body to allergens that cause the body’s immune system to respond to certain substances as though there is a direct attack on the body.

Allergy Symptoms

Seasonal allergy symptoms with children vary but are usually characterized by the following:

Itchy, watery and puffy eyes

Itching or tingling sensations (mouth, throat)



Breathing difficulties

Red, itchy rashes (eczema/atopic dermatitis)

Runny nose

Nose rubbing/irritated nostrils





Throat clearing

Allergies vs. Asthma

Though the above symptoms are characteristic of seasonal allergies, they can also be indicative of asthma. Children that suffer from allergies and asthma have similar problems. An asthma sufferer experiences symptoms due to a chronic lung condition while a child with allergies experiences allergic reactions that are initiated through the immune system. Both these conditions can start in childhood and progress throughout a child’s life.

There is no permanent cure for either allergies and asthma, but with the right kind of treatment they can be controlled, and Coastal Kids Pediatrics Pediatrics in Orange County can help you resolve treatment issues.

Asthma Triggers

Asthma sufferers are prone to seasonal allergies, and allergens bring on attacks in children that suffer from asthma. Children with asthma usually experience swollen and inflamed airways (bronchial tubes) which cause narrowing, constriction and lack of air, which brings on an attack. Triggers that bring on asthma attacks include:

Cold air (seasonal air changes)


Fumes (perfumes, soaps, chemicals)

Other Allergens


Controlling Allergies

In order to better control and relieve allergy symptoms in children, there are certain conditions within the home that should be seriously examined to relieve allergy symptoms, which include eliminating or restricting the following:

– dust, dust mites and other particles such as pollen, mold/fungi (utilize air filtering systems for removal as well as disposal of any moldy, decayed vegetation in outside areas where children play)

– animals/pets with fur – dander

– latex – anything that contains elastic

– cleaning products- particularly those that contain bacterial enzymes

– foods -peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat, fish, soy, fruits (strawberries)

– linens, bedding, blankets, mattresses, pillow – regularly washed, replaced and encased in allergen-proof zip covers

Allergy/Asthma Treatment in Orange County

The pediatricians at Coastal Kids in Orange County are prepared to help you address treatment for your child and will go the extra mile in referring you to allergy specialists, particularly if there is a need for further evaluations and tests. Pediatricians at Coastal kids want what is best for your child and can recommend over-the-counter allergy related medications or prescribe medications that will help relieve your child’s symptoms. Working with the pediatricians at Coastal Kids on an ongoing basis will help determine the proper diagnosis and the right treatment for your child’s allergy or asthma needs.