It’s almost that time again – flu season. That means heading out to get your child their annual flu shot, but where do you go? With the flu vaccine available almost anywhere from your local supermarket to one-stop clinics, it’s easy to get swept up in the convenience of quickly getting your flu shot while picking up your milk and eggs. Although it may not be as quick and easy, there are tons of reasons why the best place to get the flu shot is always at your pediatrician’s office. Here are some reasons why. 

They Offer A Full Range of Vaccines

When it comes to getting the flu shot for children, it’s not one-size-fits-all. Depending on their age, your child may need a different dosage, or a different type of vaccine altogether. While grocery stores and pharmacies may offer a few options, your pediatrician will have access to all the different sources of flu vaccines out there, and will even have shots specifically formulated for children as young as 6 months.

They Have Your Medical Records

Going to your pediatrician’s office is a great opportunity to get multiple things done at once. Not only will they be able to administer the flu vaccine, but they can also check and make sure your child is up to date with all other immunizations and administer any that are necessary within the same appointment. Additionally, younger children sometimes require a second dose of the flu vaccine, but this depends on their vaccination records. Having access to their medical history will allow you and your doctor to make the most informed decisions possible.

They Are More Cost Effective

Taking your child to your pediatrician for their flu shot is often the same cost or even less than it would be at a pharmacy. Because of recent health care laws, your insurance should cover your child’s flu shot with no copay. Even without insurance, your child can still receive the flu vaccine at minimal or no cost through government-funded programs that encourage keeping your child vaccinated.

As flu season approaches, it’s never been more important to keep your children up to date with all their vaccinations and immunizations. Schedule an appointment with Coastal Kids today, for your child’s flu shot, and everything else they need to stay healthy.