As we come up on the final quarter of the year, there is one major task on many parents’ yearly bucket lists — the annual wellness visit. These visits are extremely important – as pediatricians, we recommend that before the age of three, children go in for regular well visits more frequently than once a year. But after that age, it’s essential that your child undergoes a well visit at least once per year, even if nothing is wrong. 

Actually, when nothing is wrong it’s the perfect time for well child visits. There are a host of reasons why your child needs to get in to see their doctor each year. Let’s take a look at a few of these reasons…

Get in the Groove

Kids grow up fast and their habits grow along with them. It is so important to get your child started now and make their annual wellness visit a routine, to set them up for success in their health rituals for the rest of their lives

Be Proactive

Parents want the best for their kids, that is why it’s so important to be proactive and maintain well child visits with your pediatrician before issues arise. Preventative care can make a huge difference in your child’s health. Your pediatrician is trained to spot the signs of issues below the surface that you might not even notice. Take your child in for their annual wellness visit each year to ensure there are not problems that could develop in the future. 

Growing Up

Kids might feel more comfortable, especially as they get older, asking their doctor questions directly. When bodies are changing so quickly, and things get awkward for kids to talk about, it is so important that they know and like their pediatrician, so they feel comfortable learning about their health from a professional. If well child visits are continued yearly, kids have the freedom and independence to talk about anything they would like to as questions arise. 

All the Good Stuff

There are a lot of things your pediatrician can offer! In one place, your child can get immunizations, a physical exam (of their eyes, ears, nose, heart, lungs, and more), blood and other testing, measurements, and a ton of useful and important information. With just one visit a year, your child’s health is checked in a multitude of ways. By getting that annual well visit checked off your list, you’re helping set your child’s health records and overall health up for success!


We look forward to seeing all of our Orange County families come in for their regular well child visits. At Coastal Kids, our priority is to continue keeping your children healthy. Call any of our locations, or use our brand new patient portal to schedule your annual well visit today. We look forward to seeing you and your child!