The immune system is the body’s defense against the outside world. The stronger our immune systems are, the more likely our bodies can fight off illness and keep us healthy. As children are often exposed to all sorts of contaminants, it’s extremely important to help them build their immune system so they can be prepared for whatever hits them. To help your kids stay as healthy as possible, here are some tips to boost their immunity naturally. 

Food Choices

One of the best places to start is with their diet. The more you can incorporate the correct ingredients into their weekly diet, the more you can boost your kids’ immunity. The best ingredients for building immunity are almonds, berries, yogurt, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. You can use all of these ingredients daily, and even mix them together to create a super meal! Make sure to get the kids involved in the preparation because it will make it a lot more fun and tasty to eat.

Soak Up the Sun

The sun is our greatest source of vitamin D and we can use it in order to boost our immune systems. Make sure your kids get time outside during their study breaks, to run around in the sun. Keep all of the necessary items for sun protection around, like sunscreen, hats, and water. They will feel amazing just laying out in the sun and soaking in that vitamin D that truly helps build their immune system. 


The more they can exercise the better, especially since they will be sitting in front of a screen for long stretches of the day. One thing you can do is organize family workouts that everyone can do together. You could also set up outdoor games for them to play so they not only learn a sport but exercise at the same time. These are just a few ways to boost their immune system and will give them a much needed energy release. 


One of the most important things you can do is make sure your kids have a healthy sleep schedule. Kids should get an average of 8 hours a night in order to keep their immune systems working properly. Setting a bedtime and wake-up time are the easiest ways to do this. Once they have a set schedule they will naturally get tired and wake up at these times. The body needs to rest in order to fully heal and function properly. Helping set their body clocks will in turn help with their immune system development.

Stay Clean

This one is simple and may seem obvious but it can be really helpful in improving their immune system. Make sure they shower every day, even twice a day if they have done physical activity! In addition, have them brush their teeth after every meal. Washing their hands is also key after they have done anything outside of the house, especially during COVID-19.. Staying clean keeps the body safe from germs and bacteria which in turn helps the immune system stay healthy, and not overworked. The more you can do this, the healthier they will be.


At Coastal Kids, we know how important building a strong immune system is for your children. And all they need is the right combination of diet, exercise, sunshine, rest and hygiene – and they’ll be ready for whatever life throws at them. But if they do happen to get sick, feel free to contact our team of expert pediatricians, to get them healthy and back to doing what they do best – being kids.