As Orange County best pediatric doctors, Coastal Kids Pediatrics knows the importance of leading healthy lifestyles from the start. Yoga for kids is a great way to get your children moving, but it’s also beneficial for their psyche and education; yoga teaches mindfulness and alternative coping mechanisms.

Body Awareness and Coordination Improvement

Good posture is vital for health and society is seeing a decline in emphasis on this important issue. The first step in correcting body posture is becoming aware of how the body should move in the first place. Yoga is low-impact exercise meant to facilitate this learning. 

Most kids need to be taught how to use their bodies in ways that won’t cause injuries. Kids have a tendency to fling themselves about on playgrounds and furniture; yoga naturally trains children to become mentally present in every action they perform. The best professionals agree yoga is instrumental in forming a strong relationship between the mind and body. 

Participation in a Non-Competitive and Rewarding Environment

Yoga can take place just about anywhere. Wherever they participate, kids find themselves in a relaxing environment, usually with peers who are also having a blast. This setting promotes positive social interaction and a sense of fulfillment. Orange County best pediatric doctors recommend that caregivers and educators create a routine around yoga for kids daily to see improvements in social confidence. 

Coping Skills and Stress Management

Does your child come home from school in a bad mood often? Children work hard at school, so it’s understandable that after their long day they may feel wound-up and grumpy. One of the most valuable skills taught by yoga in Orange County is stress management. Kids who practice yoga daily will usually see positive results almost immediately as they learn to cope with change and upset through breathing techniques.

Mindfulness, Concentration and Self-Discipline

Kids attend school every weekday, but does that always mean they’re learning? Not necessarily, because children need the motivation to learn most of life’s big lessons naturally. Conversely, lots of children wish to learn good habits but don’t have the tools or guidance to know how. Yoga is an incredible self-help tool that teaches kids how to persevere through challenges. The excitement of being able to touch your toes after a week of patient stretching is soon met with the desire to see how much further you can go!


A healthy sense of self-esteem is considered necessary for a child to grow up a strong, confident individual. Yoga in Orange County promotes healthy exercise and dietary habits. Kids who eat better usually feel better thanks to nutrients they may have resisted previously, leading to higher self-confidence. This, in turn, can become more energy for educative and social fulfillment. 

We at Coastal Kids Pediatrics know how important it is to get into healthy habits from a young age. We hope you and your children enjoy doing yoga together as is recommended by the best professionals in pediatrics.